Thinking about your perfect wedding? Every woman think about her dream wedding where everything goes perfect according to a plan! Unfortunately, there is always uncle or cousin who had to much scotch and he think is a king of a dancefloor. Our flowers guarantee completely different memories which will be unforgettable and full of positive emotions!

Imagine picture of you with your partner printed on petals of fresh flowers! sounds unbelievable, right? Some people say 'miracles can happen' and this is pure miracle where the picture of you on the rose is permanent and waterproof so the weather cannot ruin your dream day!

Contact us so we can create together your dream wedding package of printed roses no matter if you need scrumptious or quirky wedding, we can rock your wedding!

Remember some people like white some pink wedding flowers but the choice is always yours and that is what we offer! 

Possibilities are almost endless - Bringing Your Wedding To Another New Level!

 Collection in person or local delivery to ST postcodes. Contact me if you are not in ST area but within 15 mile range.
Next Day delivery within UK Mainland will start from Monday 4 of December. Sorry for inconvenience.