About Us

 Hi my name is Daniel and I would like to introduce to your 'new fresh flowers' in town!
You probably wondering why I used word 'new' as flower giving business reaching ancient history? It is true that nothing changed in flower business  what so ever till now! We would like to offer you fresh cut roses with printed message, image or logo onto petals. This is completely new way of expressing your feelings with flowers where you can have so many things in one bouquet as our product can represent different industries:

  1. Flower
  2. Gift
  3. Gift Card
  4. Personalized gift

We are new in town but we are Official Licensee of Speaking Roses the brand which comes from across Atlantic where it made it great success and even impressed well-known celebrities! Check our videos in Media gallery.
Now let's talk about myself and how I found out about personalized flowers.
I always wanted to do something creative in my life, do something i will enjoy and it will others happy. Good plan right? I know that in all of us somewhere deep down is hidden your dream from when you were a kid that you had your idea of what would you love to do either it was to become astronaut or mailman - some of us had great innocent dreams which we forgot to quick about.
I never had particular idea, I just wanted to do what I love . Wanted to be footballer at some point than lawyer but this ideas where short and I figure out that will not make me happy long term.

I arrived to England over 10 years ago straight after army service with no plan just to experience something new, have some fun and come back home. At the beginning it was hard stay away from family and friends but with time I was gaining new friends and since 11 months ago I have family on my own.
With time passing and constant work in warehouses, factories and many other which will take too long to name I realized one thing that I should start working for myself and find something which I will enjoy and bring new great service to local community which I became myself. When I go back home it doesn't feel home anymore it became a place to visit as holiday.

In 2012 after I gain a lot of experience and learnt a lot about how everything works in here I have met Love of my life in the most unexpected moment of my life. We couldn't stay away from each other and we decided just after 2 weeks of knowing each other to go on round trip across Europe, it didn't sound that crazy than! It all worked out just perfect for us despite many crazy decisions we made in the past! Soon after we moved in together and spent all the time together. She was always encouraging me to do what I want in life but I couldn't find anything right for myself. I was changing jobs all the time as there was always something that pushed me away mainly because of my life rules: honor and respect and most of workplaces look for robots, people who cannot think for themselves and snitches and I am neither of this people. I am very hard-working and organized person but what is the point of doing it for someone who does not respect you in the way you deserve?

20 months ago I found out that I am going to become daddy! I was the most happiest person in the world and I decided to start doing what I really want to make sure our son who is 11 months at the moment will have everything he needs. The fun fact is that all three of us are all different nationality which make us always extra suspicious on customs :)

In October 2016 I started looking for franchise as I didn't have enough resources to start something from scratches.
Pimp My Rose was created with passion and commitment to serve people the most beautiful way possible - with flowers! Our flowers are different as you can see in our video gallery, our categories or our social media pages photos.
Say hello to new way florist in town, message love ones with fresh flowers!